• Climb Mont Blanc in 3 Days

  • Climb Mont Blanc in 3 Days

  • Climb Mont Blanc in 3 Days

  • Length

    3 Days

  • Where

    Western Alps

  • Number of Participants

    Ratio 1:2

  • Price

    865 € pp

Mont Blanc is a very famous destination for mountaineers and every year its normal route is visited by thousands of people who want to reach the summit of the Alps at 4810 m.

The easiest and most certainly less dangerous way to climb it is via the route that goes through the Gouter refuge on the French side, as the way through the Refuge des Cosmiques has recently become quite dangerous for seracs fall.

It is a climb with no great technical difficulties; the most demanding part is surely the climb to the Gouter hut, which goes through the famous Grand Couloir and then for an easy but exposed ridge equipped with steel wires in some sections.

From the Gouter Hut to the summit of Mont Blanc, the climb then it’s going on a glacier, first climbing through wide slopes to the Vallot Shelter, and then up the Bosses ridge for the last 500 ms. In this second part, the biggest challenge is represented by the altitude.

Previous good acclimatization skills are indispensable to climb Mont Blanc. The training should be done climbing others 4000 ms peaks, so that we can fully enjoy the spectacle the nature offers us during the ascent, which otherwise becomes painful, rather than fun. The sunrise view from the top of Mont Blanc, with its shadow projecting on the west French plain, is an unforgettable moment that remains imprinted in memory forever …

We propose the climb to Mont Blanc in three days to achieve a gradual ascension, allowing our body to get used to the drop in altitude, and also have the opportunity to take advantage of the best day to climb depending on weather. This does not mean that you cannot go up in two days, sleeping at the Gouter Hut overnight. However, by experience, we can guarantee that, in this way, chances to get to the top for who do not have excellent training and acclimatization skills, are reduced by 30-40% …

In case you would prefer a longer trip, with some acclimatization days included, to get the best chance to climb Mont Blanc, you may want to check our other program “Climb Mont Blanc in 6 days”.

On demand, from mid-June3 days800 € ppFully booked

The price includes: IFMGA Mountain Guide fees for 3 days.

The price does not include: half-board (breakfast, dinner, night) in the huts, lifts (cable car + train), Mountain Guide expenses for half board and lifts (to be shared between the participants), extras, anything not mentioned at the voice “The price includes”.

  • On the way to the Gouter Hut

Day 1 : Les Houches – Tete Rousse Hut

Meeting with the Guide in Les Houches, gear check.

With the cable car of Bellevue first and the train of Mont Blanc after, we’ll reach the Nid d’Aigle (2386 m) station, from where our climb will start. The view is gorgeous from here and, even if we won’t be able to see the summit of Mont Blanc yet, other beautiful mountains are surrounding us, such as Aiguille de Bionassay or Aiguille de Tricot, with their massif seracs!

In about 2/2,5 hrs of walk we will reach the Tete Rousse Hut (3167 m), where we’ll spend the night.

Day 2: Tete Rousse Hut – Mont Blanc – Gouter Hut

Our goal for today is the summit of Mont Blanc!

We will start from the Tete Rousse hut around 5 o’clock. In about 2,5 hours we will arrive at the Gouter hut. On the way up we will cross the infamous Couloir and reach the other side of it, for climbing the ridge leading us to the old Gouter hut. From there in about 10 min. we will arrive at the new Hut.

Here we will have a rest, drink and eat something, leave the stuff we won’t need here, put some extra layers on and head for the summit.  The advantage of climbing Mont Blanc in 3 days is the possibility to choose the best day, in term of weather, to attempt the climb to the summit. If the weather will allow us to go on the second day, we will reach the summit in the early afternoon, avoiding the cold temperatures of the early morning, which quite often make the climb very hard.

We will first reach the Dome du Gouter shoulder, then the Vallot shelter, at about 4.300 m. From here the ridge will become steeper and sharper, with a lot of false summits….but in the end we will reach the highest point of the Alps!

No need to say that from the summit the view around is just gorgeous!

From the summit we will descend to the Gouter hut in 2/2,5 hours, where we will be able to finally rest after a long day.

Day 3: Gouter Hut – Les Houches

Today we’ll get back to the valley.

Lazy breakfast ( 7h o’clock). Starting the descent from the Gouter on the 3rd day will give us 2 enormous advantages:

  1. The majority of the parties will be high up on the mountain, so our way down will be pretty quite.
  2. The slope we will descend is W facing, so this will minimize the risk of rock falls inside the Couloir.

In the late morning/first afternoon we will reach back the train station and down to Les Houches.

Gear List

Warm Hat

Breathable layers (Merino is the best option)


Thermal layers

Mountaineering Trousers

Down Jacket

Gore-tex (or similar) Jacket

Thin Gloves

Thick Gloves (mittens are the best option)


Sun Hat

Technical Gear

Warm Mountaineering Boots (B3)

Backpack 30-40 l

Classic Ice-Axe

Mountaineering Crampons with anti-balling plates



Trekking Poles (very useful)

1 Carabiner with Screw Gate

1 Daisy Chain/Sling 120 cm

Sun Glasses High Protection


Head Torch with new batteries

Snacks for the climb (power-bars, gels, dry-fruit)

Thermos/Flask/Camelback (Thermos is strongly reccomended)

Sun Cream + lips



Personal Medicaments

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