• Haute Route of Monte Rosa - Spaghetti Tour

  • Haute Route of Monte Rosa - Spaghetti Tour

  • Haute Route of Monte Rosa - Spaghetti Tour

  • Length

    6 days

  • Where

    Monte Rosa massif

  • Number of participants

    Max. 3 per Guide

  • Price

    800 € pp

Embarking on a High-Altitude Round Trip!

Prepare for an extraordinary high-altitude adventure as we traverse the majestic Monte Rosa massif, commencing our journey in Champoluc and culminating in Gressoney. This expedition will take us through peaks exceeding 4,000 meters, vast glaciers, and awe-inspiring faces, making it one of the most spectacular tours in the Alps. The elevation changes along the route are kept to a minimum, thanks to the strategic placement of huts at already lofty starting points.

This exceptional opportunity allows us to conquer the summits of twelve 4,000-meter peaks. Our journey will unfold in the following sequence: Western and Central Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, Lyskamm Nose, Vincent Pyramid, Balmenhorn, Schwarzhorn, Ludwigshohe, Parrot, Punta Gnifetti, and Zumstein. Our ultimate destination is the highest hut to be found in the Alps: Capanna Margherita, perched at an altitude of nearly 4,600 meters.

In essence, this is a monumental tour of towering summits!

On demand6 days800 € ppyes

The price is based on a group of 3 participants.

It includes: IFMGA Mountain Guide fees for 6 days.

The price does not include: half-board in the huts for you and the guide (to be shared within the participants),  lifts, extras, anything not mentioned at the voice “The price includes”.

Day: Sant Jacques – Guide d’Ayas hut

Meeting the Guide in Saint Jacques – Champoluc, at the Head of Ayas Valley, for Gear Check and Briefing.

Our journey begins with a meeting with our guide in Saint Jacques – Champoluc, located at the head of the Ayas Valley, where we will conduct a gear check and receive a briefing to ensure we are fully prepared for the adventure ahead.

We will then embark on a brief transfer using a 4X4 vehicle, which will take us to Piani di Verra. From this point, we will commence a hike to reach the Guide d’Ayas hut, positioned at an elevation of 3,420 meters. The hike to the hut is expected to take approximately 3 hours.

This first day serves as an introduction to the world of Monte Rosa, providing a gentle and gradual entry into the journey. During our ascent, we will take a break at the Mezzalama hut, allowing us to catch our breath and enjoy the surroundings.

Day 2: Guide d‘Ayas Hut – West and Central Breithorn – Guide d’Ayas Hut

Today is the first day of high altitude! Our goals are the West Breithorn (4165 m) and the Central Breithorn (4160 m). Back to the same hut for the second night.

  • West Breithorn

  • On the summit of Breithorn

  • Climbing the Pollux

  • Fixed ropes on the Pollux

  • Pollux summit

  • The sharpe W ridge of the Castor

Day 3: Guide d’Ayas Hut – Pollux – Castor – Quintino Sella Hut

Today’s Adventure: Conquering Two 4,000-Meter Peaks – Pollux (4,091 m) and Castor (4,228 m)

Our ambitious journey today leads us to the summits of two impressive 4,000-meter peaks: Pollux, standing at 4,091 meters, and Castor, which soars to 4,228 meters. Fortunately, the elevation changes are not too significant, thanks to our starting point at the Guide d’Ayas hut, which is already quite high.

After reaching the pinnacle of Castor, which involves navigating a narrow ridge, we will proceed to the other side and begin our descent to the Sella hut, positioned at an altitude of 3,585 meters. This is where we will spend the night, resting and replenishing our energy for the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 4: Quintino Sella Hut – Gnifetti Hut or Mantova Hut

Today, we are in for a technical challenge as we embark on the traverse of the Lyskamm Nose, which rises to an impressive 4,272 meters. The exact route we take will be contingent on the current mountain conditions. Early in the season, we may opt to traverse the slope to the right, making use of the snow. Later in the season, when the ice becomes more prevalent, we’ll tackle the rocks on the left side of the slope through a relatively easy scramble. This will be followed by two pitches on steep ice.

Upon conquering the summit, we’ll descend to the other side and proceed to ascend the Piramid Vincent, which stands at 4,215 meters. From there, our path will lead us to either the Gnifetti or Mantova hut, with the choice dependent on availability. These huts are situated very close to each other, making it a convenient and comfortable resting place as we continue our remarkable journey.

  • Relax at the Gnifetti Hut

Day 5: Gnifetti Hut – Margherita Hut

Today’s expedition: a series of remarkable summits

Today’s adventure will see us ascending a series of remarkable summits, each one more awe-inspiring than the last. Our journey will take us to the following peaks:

  1. Balmenhorn (4,167 m)
  2. Schwarzhorn (4,322 m)
  3. Ludwigshohe (4,342 m)
  4. Parrotspitze (4,432 m)
  5. Zumsteinspitze (4,563 m)

Our ultimate destination is the highest hut in the Alps, the Margherita Hut, which is perched on the summit of Punta Gnifetti at 4,554 meters. Here, we will spend the night and have the privilege of witnessing one of the most breathtaking sunsets the Alps have to offer.

Sleeping at the Margherita hut is an unparalleled and truly unique life experience. The acclimatization we’ve gained from conquering the summits in the previous days will ensure a comfortable and restful night in this extraordinary alpine setting.

Day 6: Margherita Hut – Sant Jacques

Returning to the Valley

Today marks the final leg of our remarkable journey. We will retrace our steps, making our way back through the glacier, until we reach the lifts at Punta Indren. From there, our path will lead us to Gressoney. We will continue our descent through the Bettaforca col, and with a brief hike, we will arrive back at our cars and the embrace of civilization. Our extraordinary alpine adventure will conclude, leaving us with enduring memories of the stunning landscapes and incredible peaks we conquered.

Gear List

Warm Hat

Breathable layers


Thermal Layers

Mountaineering Trousers

Down Jacket

Gore-Tex (or similar) Jacket

Thin Gloves

Thick Gloves


Sun hat

Technical Gear

Warm mountaineering boots (B3)

Backpack 30-40 l

Classic Ice-Axe

Mountaineering crampons with anti-balling plates



Trekking Poles (very useful)

1 carabiner with screw gate

1 Daisy Chain/Sling 120 cm

Sun glasses high protection


Head Torch with new batteries

Snacks for the first/second day (power-bars, dry-fruit) - Every day it will be possible to buy picnics for the next day at the huts


Sun cream high protection + lips



Personal Medicaments