• Climb Mont Blanc in 6 Days

  • Climb Mont Blanc in 6 Days

  • Climb Mont Blanc in 6 Days

  • Length

    6 Days

  • Where

    Mont Blanc – Chamonix

  • Number of Participants

    Our choice, driven by over 20 years of experience in guiding ascents of Mont Blanc, is to maintain a limited group size.

    We believe that moving as a small-sized team offers numerous advantages, such as increased ease in securing availability at the Gouter Hut, which has not been guaranteed in recent years.

    Therefore, we restrict the groups to a maximum of 4 people during all the duration of the course.

  • Price

    2.650,00 € p.p.

    See below for more details

Mont Blanc is an incredibly popular destination for mountaineers, attracting thousands of visitors each year who aspire to reach the summit of the Alps at 4,810 meters.

The easiest and safest route for climbing Mont Blanc is through the Gouter refuge on the French side, especially considering the increase in danger due to serac falls along the path from the Refuge des Cosmiques.

Although the ascent of Mont Blanc is not technically highly demanding (according to modern mountaineering standards), reaching the summit of Europe’s roof certainly requires excellent physical preparation. With that being said, it should also be noted that many of the climbers we have guided to the summit in these 20 years had little or even no glacier experience when they enrolled in our program.

The program is designed to allow an individual, highly physically fit and with a certain degree of athletic skills, to gradually acclimatize over the first three days, learning the technical skills necessary for the ascent of Mont Blanc.

The most demanding part of the climb is the ascent to the Gouter hut, which involves crossing the famous Grand Couloir and ascending an exposed ridge with safety cables in certain sections.

From the Gouter Hut to the summit of Mont Blanc, the climb proceeds on a glacier. First, you traverse wide slopes to reach the Vallot Shelter and then ascend the Bosses ridge for the final 500 meters. The primary challenge during this second part is the high altitude.

The sunrise view from the summit of Mont Blanc, with its shadow casting on the western French plain, is an unforgettable experience etched into memory.

The first three days will be dedicated to the ascent of Gran Paradiso (4,061 m), spending two nights at the Chabod Hut (2,750 m). This will enable us to achieve a gradual acclimatization and arrive well-prepared for the last 3 days of the program.

The final ascent to Mont Blanc includes 2 nights at the Gouter Hut, which represents the best strategy for crossing the famous “Grand Couloir” when the sun has not yet started to warm its upper part (as it faces west), minimizing the risk of falling rocks. Moreover, having 3 days available, in the event of adverse weather conditions forecasted for day 5, we can decide to shift the summit attempt to day 6 (entirely feasible) and descend directly to the valley on this last day.


Below, you can find our departure dates for the summer of 2024. Moving in a small-sized group (2 people + the mountain guide) allows us to be more flexible for booking the Gouter Hut. Where you see ‘Full ‘ it means the hut is already fully booked for those dates. Where you see ‘Last few places ‘ it indicates that the hut’s booking system still shows a few available spots.

Since reservations change frequently, and the Gouter Hut occasionally releases new available spots for online sale, we recommend clicking the ‘Enquire’ button on the date of your interest to check for availability. This way, we can proceed quickly with the reservation and secure the spots.

Fri 31 May – Wed 5 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 2 June – Fri 08 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 5 June – Mon 10 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 07 June – Wed 12 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 09 June – Fri 14 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 12 June – Mon 18 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 14 June – Wed 20 June2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 16 June – Fri 22 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 19 June – Mon 24 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 21 June – Wed 26 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 23 June – Fri 28 June6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 26 June – Mon 01 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 28 June – Wed 03 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 30 June – Fri 05 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 03 July – Mon 08 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 05 July – Wed 10 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 07 July – Fri 12 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 10 July – Mon 15 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 12 July – Wed 17 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 14 July – Fri 19 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 17 July – Mon 22 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 19 July – Wed 24 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 21 July – Fri 26 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 24 July – Mon 29 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 26 July – Wed 31 July6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 28 July – Fri 02 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 31 July – Mon 05 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 02 Augst – Wed 07 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 04 August – Fri 09 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 07 August – Mon 12 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 09 August – Wed 14 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 11 August – Fri 16 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 14 August – Mon 19 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 16 August – Wed 21 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 18 August – Fri 23 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 21 August – Mon 26 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 23 August – Wed 28 August2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 25 August – Fri 30 August6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 28 August – Mon 02 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 30 August – Wed 04 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 01 September – Fri 06 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 04 September – Mon 09 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Fri 06 September – Wed 11 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Sun 08 September – Fri 13 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull
Wed 11 September – Mon 16 September6 days2,650.00 € ppFull

Our price includes:

  • UIAGM Mountain Guides fees for 6 days.
  • 4 nights in mountain huts (Chabod hut, Gouter hut) half board (dinner, night and breakfast).
  • Group Equipment (rope, carabiners).
  • All lift passes and necessary transportation for the course.

The price does not include:

  • Snack lunches (at the Chabod hut it will be possible to order snack lunch for the next day).
  • Hotel on day 3. For day 3, you can choose to find the best solution for yourself, or if needed, we can guide you towards facilities with which we frequently collaborate (please specify this in your request).
  • Personal equipment (we have special arrangements with local shops).
  • Personal insurance.
  • Anything not mentioned at the voice “Our price includes”.


To reserve a space, we require a deposit of € 300.00 per person.

– Full refunds, less registration fee, will be provided 120 days or more prior to the expedition date.
– Refunds of 50% will be provided 90-119 days prior to expedition date.
– No refunds will be provided 89-days prior to the expedition date.

  • Starting for the Chabod hut

    Starting for the Chabod hut
  • The nort face of the Gran Paradiso appearing while walking to the Hut

    The north face of Gran Paradiso

Day 1 : Chamonix – Chabod Hut

The day before the start of the program, our Mountain Guide will contact you by phone for a briefing on the coming week and to agree on the meeting point for the next day. The meeting with the Mountain Guide is scheduled around 8:30/9. Before heading to the Chabod Hut, there will be plenty of time to review the equipment (and, if necessary, replace any inappropriate gear) before departing for Italy and ascending to the hut.

Around the early afternoon (after a pleasant cappuccino/coffee break – we are in Italy, after all!), we will arrive at Pont in Valsavarenche, the starting point for the Chabod Hut. The ascent to the hut (at a very leisurely pace to allow for effective acclimatization) will take us approximately 2/2.5 hours. We find ourselves in the Gran Paradiso National Park, and it’s not uncommon, during the ascent, to encounter herds of ibex grazing carefreely on the mountain slopes.

In the afternoon, before dinner, there will be time for a preparatory briefing for the next day. The Guide will explain how to put on crampons, how we will rope up on the glacier, and the behavior to follow during the ascent, providing all the information we will need for the following day.

Later, finally, we can enjoy the fantastic cuisine of the Chabod Hut and a well-deserved dinner!

Then off to bed, as an early wake-up awaits us tomorrow.

Day 2: Gran Paradiso

The goal for today is to reach the summit of Gran Paradiso, at 4.061 m.

After an early breakfast (around 4:30 a.m.), we will begin our hike with head torches on. Upon crossing the moraine, we will reach the Laveciau glacier, located just below the north face of Gran Paradiso. Here, we will rope up and put on our crampons.

Traversing amidst large crevasses and ice-cliffs (no need to worry, though!), we will arrive at the base of the final rocks, just before reaching the summit. The last segment will involve a short yet exposed section, after which we will reach the summit and the Virgin.

From the summit, we will be treated to a breathtaking view encompassing the entire circle of the Alps!

Returning to the glacier, we will descend once again to the Chabod Hut, where a hearty lunch awaits us to refill our energy. The ascent of Gran Paradiso, although technically easy, still requires good training and endurance and serves as excellent preparation (and a test) for the Mont Blanc ascent.

Tonight, we will sleep again at the Chabod Hut to complete our acclimatization for the ascent of Mont Blanc. In the afternoon, there will be a debriefing session with the Guide to draw conclusions from the day (it’s a good opportunity to check if all equipment is in order or if any adjustments are needed).

Day 3:Back to Chamonix

Time to get back to the valley.

Today, a relaxed wake-up (around 7).

After a hearty Italian breakfast 🙂, we will descend once again to the valley to return to Chamonix. The objectives for this day are essentially two: recharge all energies in preparation for the ascent of Mont Blanc in the following days and (very importantly) organize any equipment that may not have proven suitable during the ascent of Gran Paradiso.

We will be back in Chamonix in the late morning, with plenty of time to achieve these two goals for the day.

Day 4: Gouter Hut

Our goal of the day is to reach the Gouter Hut, where we’ll spend our first night on the mountain.

From Les Houches, we will take the cable car to Bellevue and then the Mont Blanc train, which will transport us to the Nid d’Aigle station at an elevation of 2,386 meters. It is from this point that our climb will start.

The view from Nid d’Aigle is truly breathtaking, although the summit of Mont Blanc is still obscured from our sight at this stage. Nevertheless, we will be surrounded by other magnificent mountains, including the Aiguille de Bionassay and the Aiguille de Tricot, with their massive seracs creating a stunning backdrop.

After approximately 2 to 2.5 hours of walking, we will arrive at the Tete Rousse Hut, located at an altitude of 3,167 meters.

At the Tete Rousse refuge, we will rope up (and potentially put on crampons, depending on the mountain conditions) and begin the ascent of the most technical part of the climb, namely the rock section between the Tete Rousse refuge and the Gouter refuge. During this stretch, we will also traverse the notorius Grand Couloir, the conditions of which depend heavily on the freezing level. Crossing it in the late morning (still in the shade, as it faces west) will allow us to minimize the risk of falling rocks.

Subsequently, aided by steel cables in certain sections that facilitate the ascent, we will first reach the old Gouter refuge and then, via an easy snow ridge, the new Gouter Hut, where we will spend the night.

  • The Aiguille de Bionassay

    The Aiguille de Bionassay
  • Arriving at the old Gouter Hut

    Arriving at the old Gouter hut
  • 3 people standing at sunrise on top of Mont Blanc

Day 5 : Summit Day

Our goal for today: reaching the summit of Mont Blanc!

Sleeping two nights at the Gouter hut will provide us with several advantages, allowing us to manage the ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc based on weather conditions. In the case of stable weather throughout the day, we may even decide to reach the summit in the late morning, departing from the hut around 8 am, thus avoiding the coldest hours of the morning if temperatures are particularly harsh (it’s worth noting that 80% of the time, the summit of Mont Blanc experiences very strong winds, significantly dropping the perceived temperature, even below -20°C in the middle of summer).

This way, we will be back at the Gouter hut in the early afternoon (it takes about 2.5 hours from the summit to the hut, so it’s a relatively fast descent).

On the other hand, in the case of unstable weather in the afternoon, the wake-up call for the summit will be around 2:30 in the morning (departure from the hut around 3/3:15), aiming to reach the summit around 7:30/8 am. The section from the Gouter hut to the summit requires, for a moderately trained roped party, approximately 4 hours of ascent.

Our route will take us first to the Dome du Gouter shoulder and then to the Vallot shelter, located at an altitude of around 4,300 meters. Beyond this point, the ridge will become steeper and more exposed, featuring several deceptive false summits. However, our perseverance will eventually lead us to the highest point in the Alps!

It goes without saying that the panoramic view from the summit is simply awe-inspiring!

Back at the Gouter hut, we can finally rest and recover after a demanding and rewarding day.

Day 6: Gouter Hut – Chamonix

Time to get back to the valley.

Today, we’ll have a leisurely breakfast around 7 o’clock before beginning our descent from the Gouter hut. Embarking on the descent on the third day provides us with two significant advantages:

  1. Since most climbing parties will be higher up on the mountain by this time, our descent will be relatively peaceful and less crowded.
  2. Our descent route faces west, which helps reduce the risk of rock falls within the Couloir.

By late morning or early afternoon, we will make our way back to the train station, ultimately descending to Les Houches and Chamonix.

Here our program will end, not before celebrating the just-completed adventure with a good fresh beer (obviously hoping to have reached the summit of Mont Blanc, but we are certain that, in any case, it will have been a great experience, and once again the mountain will have taught us something!)

  • A good fresh beer in front of Mont Blanc

Gear List

Warm Hat

Breathable layers (Merino is the best option)


Thermal layers

Mountaineering Trousers

Down Jacket

Gore-tex (or similar) Jacket

Thin Gloves

Thick Gloves (mittens are the best option)


Sun Hat

Technical Gear

Warm Mountaineering Boots (B3)

Backpack 30-40 l

Classic Ice-Axe

Mountaineering Crampons with anti-balling plates



Trekking Poles (very useful)

1 Carabiner with Screw Gate

1 Daisy Chain/Sling 120 cm

Sun Glasses High Protection


Head Torch with new batteries

Snacks for the climb (power-bars, gels, dry-fruit)

Thermos/Flask/Camelback (Thermos is strongly reccomended)

Sun Cream + lips



Personal Medicaments