• Climb the Matterhorn in 2 Days

  • Climb the Matterhorn in 2 Days

  • Climb the Matterhorn in 2 Days

  • Climb the Matterhorn in 2 Days

  • Length

    2/3 days

  • Where

    Western Alps

  • Number of participants

    Max 1 per Guide

  • Price

    1400 € in 2 days + 350 euro if you decide to do it in 3 days.

The Matterhorn is considered to be an icon in the Alps. Probably due to its emblematic shape (when young, we did draw mountains like perfect pyramids, didn’t we?), made even more impressive by the absence of other high mountains in the surrounding area.

The legendary “King” has always attracted mountaineers’ attention. Its climb, both from the Italian and the Swiss sides, requires a good climbing experience and intensive training; in fact, although it does not present any significant technical difficulty (thanks to the presence of many fixed ropes that facilitate the climb), it is a challenging ascent, which presents many exposed and hard sections.

Depending on the chosen side of the climb, on the first day we will arrive either to the Carrel on the Italian side, or to the Hörnli hut on the Swiss side. In the first case, the day will be quite challenging, as the shelter can be found at 3830 m. On the other hand, if the easiest (but not so much) pathway through Switzerland is chosen, it will take approx. 2.5 hours walking from Schwarzsee station to reach the hut (completely rebuilt in 2015, on the 150th anniversary of the Matterhorn first ascent).

On the second day, the climb will take approx. 4/5 hours from both sides. Same goes with the descent, which is always the most complicated part in climbing the Matterhorn; here, abseiling is not required. It’s all about having a deep knowledge of the route: the Guide will always look after your safety, indicating the right direction to take to the various crossroads, which can mislead those who do not know the mountain.

For those who want to climb the Matterhorn in the most complete and beautiful way, it is possible to cross it in two days (up the Swiss side, down the Italian one), with an overnight stay at the Hornli hut, or in 3 days (for a more comfortable ascent; night at the Carrel hut and night at the Hornli hut).

On demand, from the beginning of July. 2/3 days1400 € in 2 days + 350 euro if you decide to do it in 3 days.yes

The price includes: IFMGA Mountain Guides fees.

The price does not include: lifts, half-board at the Hörnli hut for you and the Guide, transfer Cervinia-Oriondè hut with 4X4, extra, everything not mentioned at the voice “The price includes”.

  • On the way to the Hornly Hut

Day 1: Cervinia – Carrel Hut or Cervinia – Hörnli Hut


Meeting with the Guide in Cervinia, gear check and 4X4 transfer to the Oriondè hut. From here, in about 3,5/4 hours we will reach the Carrel Shelter. The path is easy at the beginning, with little technical difficulties. After reaching the Lion Col we well encounter the first fixed ropes; just before the Hut we will need to climb the “Cheminèe”, the most challenging on the italian route of the Matterhorn. Shortly after it we will reach the hut.


Meeting with the Guide in Cervinia, gear check. By using the lift system we will cross into Switzerland and reach the Schwarzsee station. From here a gentle walk of about 2,5 hrs will bring us to the newly renovated Hörnli hut.

Day 2: Summit Day


Early start! Just outside of the hut the first fixed rope is awaiting for us….and it’s a good one, the so-called “Wake-up” rope! Climbing the Matterhorn is like jumping back in the past, every place, every corner has its own name here, which refer to the first climb, it’s like being inside a museum: rochers des ecritures, Jordan ladder, Grand Corde, Pic Tyndall, are just a few of the names that remind us of the first mountaineers who came up here long time ago….we just need to be humble by thinking how audacious and brave they have been!

We’ll go up slowly but steady and reach the summit (generally) in 3,5/4 hrs from the Hut. Same goes for the descent, which normally takes even a bit longer than the climb up….

After a short break to the hut, we’ll continue our descent to reach again the Oriondè hut, a good beer and the taxi waiting for us!


Also from the Swiss side we’ll have an early start, being the Swiss route a bit longer than the Italian one. The drop is in fact higher, but the difficulties slightly easier. In about 4,5/5 hrs we will reach the top. The way down could be the same (4/5 hrs) or the Italian one if you have chosen to do the Traverse of the Matterhorn, which, in our opinion, is the best way to climb this mountain.

Back to the Hornli hut and to the lift to get back to Cervinia. You can also book an extra-day to take things easier and decide to sleep at the Schwarzsee Hotel, getting back to Italy on the next day and having your cold beer in front of the Matterhorn, remembering such a glorious day!

Gear List

Warm Hat

Breathable layers (Merino’s bes option)




Gore-Tex (or similar) Jacket

Stretch Pants

Thin Gloves (5 fingers)

Thick Gloves (5 fingers - no meets)

Technical Gear

Technical Boots (B2)

Backpack 30-35 lt.

Technical Crampons (no aluminium) with anti-balling plates



1 Carabiner with Screw Gate

1 Daisy Chain/Sling 120 cm

Sun Glasses


Classic Ice-Axe

Head Torch with new batteries

Thermos or Flask or Camelback

Sun Cream + lips



Personal Medicaments

Some Snacks for the climb (power-bars, gel, dry-fruit)

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